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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

few special matter

2009 is coming pass to welcome 2010

this few days are happen few special matter on me.

SapSap Aunty birthday to PD celebrate. on beach dig a love to her and throw her to sea, important is this birthday is 22 year old and few days later is a new year, she will 23 year old, SAD....

support SapSap Aunty she 22year old baptism. she so touch almost want to cry o...

to Cat house together celebrate ‘dong zhi' (冬至), playing like mad (just we only know what happen on the day) so exciting, why so exciting, cos it is exciting!!!

countdown Christmas at Cineleisure, saw movie, ate dinner, spray snow bubble to other and been spray...

my camera tool left at Cat car, until now i cant upload my photo (she fly 4days) omg...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

i have been using...

you got you purpose, i have been using... i don't other 2 people have feel like this not, but i feel it, is very serious.

teamwork, you have a team then you work them to got your purpose

still continue i will very harm, i will stop it for here... ...

Monday, December 14, 2009

a wish

em... happy birthday to mum...

Friday, December 11, 2009

rush of a day


delicious, yummy, oishi, sedap...

7.45am - to Klang eat bak kut teh

10.00am - to Serembam eat durian tart

1.45pm - arrive hostel

2.00-2.30pm - walk at a road to Pudu i never know

2.30pm - Pudu bought ticket back Tangkak but is 5.30pm

3.00pm - KLCC

4.45pm - rush to Pudu

5.30pm - in time

7.30pm - hometown

... ...

now relax...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

new knowlegde

two days work is already end. thanks the driver agent drive me to work at this two days and treat me breakfast and dinner. you are good and always is say fcuking fcuking de. this driver is six sigma sale manager!!!

what is six sigma!!! beginning i also don't, when i check at wikipedia, i feel more important in our life!!

this is for business management strategy. ensure, improve, control and zero defeat the quality of product, application and useful at manufacturing and business process. it is a quality and statistical management and method.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

lets talk gossip

at the first,i want thanks the free soup for the vegetarian dinning shop


today i want to write some funny and gossip news, this gossip news are about a guy!!!! the guy, em... ... handsome not handsome... ...but look still ok... ... i don't why, why have many gossip news happen at himself, handsome not really handsome, rich not really rich, but will have gossip news!!!

1ST case
he very use heart to his group practical exam. make the chocolate display at the practical exam. he want presented look like simple noble, HE GOT IT, all the jobs are moving on on smooth. but, after the exam, he hear some people say he is show off his experience. he use heart to complete his job finally he got the thing like this!!! what going on on this world??!!

1ST case funny right.... (RIGHT)

2ND case
suddenly, he found a people block his msn account!!! but he not angry and not feel sad, because he know he is right, he not do anything wrong thing to the guy. then he want to tell everyone, if you hate him or dislike him or you want hit him, and you got his msn address, please block him. before block him, also want inform him, cos he also want delete to save msn place. but he want to say, he never feel sad or what, and block him, he not lose anything, contrary, he got something. friend... ... haiz...

funny o... ...

the guy want to say... ' im who im' to everyone, friends are 1000000 just meet between you and i, if you don't like, please do it...