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Friday, January 29, 2010

the most important for all the human

between people and people
the communication is the most important
for all the alive
this is not only for people
animals also the same

if unhappy for a matter or thing
must say out the feeling and solve
keep in,
nobody know what about you thinking
whether he/she related with you!!!
this will become lack of the work

society nowadays
this is not what you want you can do it
everything will communicate after do it
especially at a team or group

happy, fun and smooth working
lack and unhappy working
what you what??

im not the leader
i just tell what my opinion

in the end,
how many people can tell the feeling
and communicate with other??

the answer is... ...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

everybody you all again

steamboat gathering is a wonderful diner for me
at the night
this is cheep and eat until full and full
i like the process
buy food, prepare food and “grab” food
i enjoyed

the Chocolate Exhibition noting special
for me
i thought it will surprise for me
but... haiz...

i like all the day having with everybody you all

Thursday, January 7, 2010

second time again

i really cant communicate with you
i don't like “two face” people
(maybe you not think so)
i try already,
but, can't
better we don't too close
i know you also don't like me
stop at here

maybe next time,
place have you,
i won't in

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

i got the fair

is a practical text
decorate cake, pipe 6 flowers
got full mark
it so surprise for me
and i found at MIB finally got someone is fair
whether i got experience
but for me
i feel stress at my next text or exam
i want do better than this time
and some people is “threaten” me!!!! (lol...)

jia you, chai...

Monday, January 4, 2010

revision 2009 II

i found out that a lot of people are "uncomfortable" with me because i talk a lot. So, to be better, i will try my best to be less talkative.

i also realise that people are not so keen on my honesty. Well, i guess that i'll have to keep my honesty more to myself and try not to be too bothered if people are not very sincere with me.

throughout the year, i was unaware of people "attacking and assassinating" my integrity, so in 2010, i will be more alert and not be too trusting.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

revision 2009

first 2010 post

2009 is a bigger change to me.
April resign at Provence and apply to MIB
Then i recognize everybody you all
feel i not lonely, alone
although i not surround you all before
2009 we have live a wonderful year together(this is i think)
and maybe i not important at you all
but i can feel i not alone

maybe after March, i will lonely ++

im not a person know how to express my feeling

thanks everybody you all at 2009
but i dont want only 2009